Customize marathon vinyl decal sticker Specify font, color and location. 4" X 6"

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Here we have a custom marathon sticker, you can choose the font you would like, you can choose a basic font or various fonts from any of our listings. You can also pick the color you would like it to come in. You can also choose the words you would like in the circle, examples would include 13.1 26.2 a city or city state combo or basically any other text you want in there. Include your options in the note to seller.

This listing is for one decal.

Vinyl Decal Application
1) Area should be clean and completely dry.
2) Peel bottom liner off vinyl.
3) Apply to area. Squeegee over with a bank card or applicator tool with overlapping strokes.
4) Gently peel back top liner starting at one corner.
Tip: If vinyl starts to come off, lay area back down and squeegee over again. (extra-large vinyl can be applied with wet application)